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Buying medication
If you have to get regular medication for your companion, the law may help you save money. Your vet should not charge you for a written prescription that will allow you to buy your meds elsewhere - such as online.
I have used pet drugs online
Great service, my vet wrote out the prescription (it was for Guinness's vetmedin (heart tablets)). I scanned this in on my PC, and emailed it to them - as proof of my entitlement. From the previous weeks worth of tablets from my vet - it was going to cost me around 50p per tablet, whereas from a company like this it was around 33p per tablet. Quite a saving when you are buying 300 at a time.
The tablets came next day recorded delivery - and for prescription drugs there was no charge for p&p.
My vet did try to charge me. - to cover admin they told me
Get to know your rights - I got the white paper, also spoke to the Royal Veterinary College who confirmed my understanding (and I think that they would have pursued it if I still had a complaint)
My vet did wipe the charge - but will have to see what they try next time - as Guinness's tablets will not last forever.
If you look at the white paper - look at the bit on Prescription fees and prohibition of discrimination which indicates that the vet can increase his fees to cover loss in earning from dispensing drugs - but cannot discriminate between clients. i.e. he must charge all clients the same.
Vets and BARF
After reading about BARF  - from one of the Billinghurst books, I have had many thoughts.
Some of which are....
Why should my vet endorse the use of BARF? If it will improve my pets health then my vet will get less visits and less of my money (Hurrah for me).
Also, it would mean that his prescription foods are out of the window.
I have asked one of the vets at my local surgery about BARF. She had heard about it but knew little more. In fact, she has taken my name as someone to talk to if one of the other customers asks about it. In fact she was quite alarmed at feeding bones at all - as it goes against all the things that have been said in the past.
So has your vet, the health of your pet at heart?
To discuss goto my blog.
Vets and Vaccinations
Another bread and butter payment from his customers. Unlike the NHS - having more patients on your books doesn't give you an automatic payment - you need to treat them.
As the vaccinations are mostly combined - your vet will tell you that you must have them all.
Are there any vets that suggest a yearly check up without boosters? And perhaps a titer test to see if the protection of the last vaccination is still OK? And then allow just one of the boosters rather than the full load.
Tell us about your vets.
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