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How often do we need to vaccinate 

From many different sources, I have come across the point that we over vaccinate our dogs.
Remember the issue with MMR and safety with our childrens health. Well all that seems to get into the papers because they are little humans. Our dogs have been left out of the limelight because they are dogs. But it appears that we may be doing the same thing.
There are concerns that health problems arise from over vaccination; and that yearly boosters are not necessary. Yes, how many boosters do you get? NONE!
What we intend to do with our dogs
Puppy vaccination.
1st year booster
4th year booster (if they'll let us)
7th year booster (if they'll let us)
No further booster.
It is up to you how you protect your own dogs health.
However you may like to read the following book.
I have not yet, but as soon as I do - I can tell you about it.
Vaccination (Dogs): What Must You Know Before You Vaccinate Your Dog (Pet Care Naturally S.)  SHAWN Messonier