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Products and Suppliers that are useful for BARF

Fresh meat

Ainsty Farm Shop - near York
We recently got our chicken necks from here - I think that it was 99p/kg
We have also had wings from here and found them to be our cheapest supplier.
I bag them up into meal size portions and freeze them.

The Farmers Cart - Farm shop - also near York
We recently got our chicken wings from here - I think that it was 1.39/kg
We also got lamb necks at 1.98/kg
This is also an excellent place for your vegetable stuff as they are fairly well priced.
Asda -
When doing my grocery shop noticed that they now sell fresh chicken wings at around 1.29/kg
Local Butchers
We were gutted recently when our Acomb, Dewhurst Butchers closed. We were getting some recreational bones from them. I think they even started when we asked them if they had any bones. The following week they had them out in prepacked trays at only 50p. However, the other Acomb butcher also had some bones in for our lads. A great way to keep themselves occupied, and clean their own teeth.

Frozen meat

All from the AMP range but different places for you to get hold of them...
See the suppliers web site for the nutritional values of each.
These are excellent products that are ideal for beginner barfers. The fresh stuff that I get, I have to bag up so that it doesn't all freeze together in one huge block.
Pets at Home
Pets Pantry - Jockey Lane, Huntington, York
have a larger range of the frozen packs including the frozen chicken wings, and poultry necks, also liver chunks,and heart. A good way of starting on BARF as these take some of the mess away from it. Find them HERE

Directly from the supplier
Brewers Yeast
Flaxseed Oil 
Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Good stuff to add to drinking water - I think it boosts the acid in the dogs stomach and so helps them to kill the nasty bacteria - although they should be able to do this fine without.
Dedicated chopping board.
Could be a good idea for hygiene
Good butchers block from Argos
Meat Cleaver
I couldn't BARF without this.
Got mine from Westfalia at a cracking price. It's built strongly.
Quick delivery for me.
Recently found them at IKEA also and a good price too.
Very useful to cut large pieces up especially for the pup.
I end up doing this, then our pensionner, Guinness - gulps the smaller bits down
and youngster, Willow, totters off with a huge piece (well in comparison to his size)
The best item to get - but you could try a food processor or a liquidiser but I have not got as good results with these.
Got mine from Comet.

Put your veggie items in - it separates the pulp from the juice - then I mix it all back together.

I might add my supplements now - perhaps add a raw egg or two - and then put in ice cube tray and freeze for later.
Then I just need to take them out when I need - I mix them up with some mince or liver/other offal.
Guinness is great at eating this lot - but if I need some additional incentive I might slightly cook some liver or get some left over meat from fridge - cut finely and mix - leaving a little on top.
Don't forget you can mush up the bits you might not use yourself such as sprout stalks, broccoli stalks, outer leaves of cauliflour, top end of celery  - you get the idea.
Look out for reduced items - and get a good variety of types and colours, and above / below ground items.
Avoid onion.

Mortar and Pestle
Useful to crush the supplement tablets - alternatively you could use a couple of spoons together.
Could be useful - but I haven't got one yet.
Would have to grind up bones as well so must be fairly powerful
Handwash suitable to kill bacteria - essential for your health
Tongs - optional so you don't have to touch the raw meat.
As our dogs wander off with an item of food and leave it - the little buggers!
We tell them to sit down and eat their meal - but just like kids they don't always do what you want them to.
White vinegar
Use this with water in a cheap old spray.
Kills bacteria and is better for the dogs than a commercial cleaner We are using it on the carpet where the dogs take their meat.
Well I use tap water - and filter it through my Britta filter.
Water bowl
Suggest that you use a stainless steel or ceramic.
Apparently plastics are not a good idea as some of the chemicals go into the water or food.
Dog Security
I really liked this product for my own dog, allows you to lock up your dog to a post etc , like you would your bike. It is called Doglock
Dead and Gone is a product that contains the Diatomaceous Earth powder. This is a sharp powder that is used to mechanically kill a multitude of pests. The sharp edges cut the hard skeleton casing of insects as they move through it and will result in their death. Don't know how quick this is. I am looking further into the use of this as some people suggest that it should not be used on animals and others say otherwise. Look Here for some more info. I am so confused!!
I have tried to find it in local health stores but no success yet. I did find someone who is selling it on ebay though.
The other day I also found it in a garden supplies place near us in York. Although it is not quoted as food grade - it should do your carpets. Please find it here