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Our BARF Diet
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What we feed - based on our readings

Raw meaty bones - such as
  • chicken wings
  • chicken necks
  • oxtail
  • lamb neck
  • ribs
  • whole rabbit
  • any other game bird
I have found that oxtail is a no goer for our dogs. Much too hard, can't even split it with the cleaver!
Whole rabbit is a favorite in our household, but a bit pricey compared with the chicken. Usually has a bit of heart and liver still attached - that they queue up for.
Other ground meat - with bone content.
Raw clean vegetables - mushed up to a pulp in a juicer/food processor.
Potatoes, sprouts including stalks, broccoli, cauliflour including leaves, carrots, turnip, celery, cabbage - or whatever else you can find - but not onion.
EFA's (omega 3 / omega 6 )
  • Omega 3 - Flaxseed Oil - animal needs to convert this
  • Omega 3 - Cod liver oil - already converted for use
  • Omega 6 - Evening Primrose - already converted for use
Brewers Yeast - instead of feeding faeces that promote good bacteria
some others
Generally I feed 2 days of raw meaty bones - of one of the types listed above.
Then a day of veggie slop and organ / mince
Then back to the raw meaty bones.
Some people suggest a days fasting - but we haven't implemented this yet.
For those of you who want to know the nutritional value of food items - I think that this site is great. You search for an item - tell it how much of the item you have - and it gives you the nutritional contents .