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I think that this is a must for any responsible dog owner.
You can have this done at your local vets, Tarmac and Guinness had theirs done at the vets. Simple procedure, which inserts a device the size of a grain of rice. Then the details of the chip and your contact details are stored on a database. This is used by the authorities to reunite you if you become separated.
A cheaper alternative is via the Dogs Trust. These have schemes around the country and cost 9.50 donation, unless you are on benefits - when it is free.
We had this done for Willow via the Local Council.
I don't know if it was just because of Willow, or their experience, or just a puppy; but we did not like this experience and we may consider the vet option next time.
Unless there is another place for the Dogs Trust to perform this for future puppies.