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So how are you going to pay the vet? 

Hopefully with a healthy diet, major vets bills can be avoided; but as always accidents do happen and what are you going to do then?

In the case of our dogs...
Tarmac's biggest problem was his eyes - perhaps if he had always had a healthy diet he may have had a better immune system to cope with eye infections and never resulted in dry eye - and major damage resulting in an operation.
Guinness' biggest problem is his ears - again his healthy diet may have mean't that this had never got as bad as it has.

Some Benefits may include:-
  • help in financial costs associated with dog going lost
  • cash payout when the pet dies - useful to cover cremation costs
  • cover for third party - if your pet bites someone else you are liable for compensation
  • Peace of mind just in case you get a biggie - such as car accident or cancer etc.

(We do not have cover- and a recent bill for hospital treatment for an infection
behind Guinness' eye cost us almost 700)

Drawback of insurances.

  • If you do not have cover all of your pets life, then ailments that have been
    present before you take the cover will not be covered.  This is probably also a problem if you wish to change insurance companies - though best to check yourself.
  • There is normally an excess to pay on claims.
    One friend had a policy on their new dog for four years. Although they had insurance and had had to pay for several vet fees - as they came just over their excess, no claim was ever made.
  • We have had several emergency vet call outs for Guinness (and Tarmac - bless him)
    Only one of which was life threatening - some policies will only cover these (extortionate) vets consultations if they consider them life threatening.


As an alternative to putting money into an insurance policy
Put asside a set amount into an account for emergencies. If your policy was going to be 15.00 then put this amount away per month.

For our Tarmac this could have been 15.00 x 12 months x 10 years = 1800. This would have more than covered the bills that we paid for him over his lifetime.

If you never need it then whoopee for you.
The problem here is that this amount resulting may still not cover the vets fees especially if you have to see a (sharp intake of breath) specialist!

By getting a 0% or low rate credit card you can help yourself to pay off a larger bill without too much interest. I understand that this is not always a good solution.