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Home Made Biscuits

Here is a really easy recipe for home made dog biscuit treats.
(Yeah I know it means cooking the liver - and cooking is not as good as raw - but we all know that we shouldn't eat so much fried food - sweets, and chocs - but we still do)
1lb liver
1 egg
1.5 cups flour
pinch oregano
pinch garlic
Blend the liver in food processor.
Mix in egg and flour and herbs. (If it looks nasty and sticky then you've probably done it right!)
Roll into balls with your hands.
Bake on baking tray at 350F for 30mins plus - depending upon how hard you want them. (Hmmmm just enough time to get the glue like stuff off your hands if our experience is anything to go by)
OK, so a little messy for you - but our dogs just love them. Good luck.

Send me your recipies and I will put them here also.